Are Alpinestars boots waterproof?

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Whether you’re an avid motorcyclist or off-road rider, having the right protective gear is crucial for staying safe while having fun on your bike. A sturdy pair of motorcycle boots is one of the most important pieces of gear, helping to shield your feet and ankles from injury. When riding through wet conditions, waterproof motorcycle boots become especially critical.

One of the most popular motorcycle boot brands is Alpinestars. The company offers a wide selection of motocross, adventure, touring, and street boots. But one question riders often have is – are Alpinestars boots waterproof? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no, since Alpinestars offers various boots with different levels of weather protection. We’ll take a closer look at Alpinestars boots and discuss which models offer the best waterproofing and breathability.

Alpinestars Motorcycle Boots

Before diving into the waterproof qualities, let’s first look at some of the overall technology and features Alpinestars uses in its boot designs:

  • Strengthened shanks – Plated or reinforced midsoles provide structure and support against crushing forces.
  • Ankle guards and heel counters – Molded guards and wraparound design protects ankle bones and Achilles tendon.
  • Shift pads – Slide pads on heels and toes aid in control when changing foot position on pegs.
  • Oil/fuel-resistant soles – Specially formulated rubber soles resist damage from petrochemicals and enhance grip.
  • Replaceable buckles/straps – Buckles, straps, and velcro closures can be swapped out if damaged.
  • Toe and heel cup integration – Connected external TPU protectors guard toe box and rear of foot.
  • Injection molded shell – High-impact nylon or polypropylene materials are molded for form-fitting comfort.
  • Multi-density foam – Varying densities of foam padding enhance flexibility and absorb shocks.
  • Composite inner sole – Lightweight innersoles made of fiberglass or carbon fiber materials.
  • Ergonomic design – Pre-shaped lasts mirror natural foot profile for superb comfort and control.

Now let’s look specifically at how Alpinestars integrates waterproof technologies into select boot models.

Waterproof Linings Used in Alpinestars Boots

To make their boots water-resistant or fully waterproof, Alpinestars uses various waterproof linings and membranes:

  • Drystar® – This is Alpinestars’ proprietary waterproof and breathable membrane. It seals out moisture while allowing vapor to escape.
  • Hipora® – A high-performing waterproof and breathable membrane made by Extreme Technologies. It has high levels of breathability
  •  Sympatex® – Polyether-polyester membrane and laminates that are completely waterproof but still breathable.
  • Gore-Tex® – The most well-known waterproof, windproof, and breathable fabric membrane, created by Gore.

Let’s look at some of Alpinestars’ most popular boots and the waterproof technologies integrated into each model.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots

The Tech 7 boot is Alpinestars’ top-end off-road and motocross competition boot, worn by many professional racers. It features Alpinestars’ own Drystar® lining, making it 100% waterproof. The Tech 7 also utilizes a dual-density micro-fiber upper, reinforced shin plate, and medial blade system for structure and impact dissipation. These high-performance boots shield feet from water infiltration while also minimizing moisture build-up.

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots

As an upgrade to the Tech 7, the Tech 10 boots feature the most advanced technologies for the most aggressive off-road riding. The Tech 10 boots incorporate a new, highly breathable upper material called Microfabric. This microfiber leather maintains airflow while also completely sealing out moisture. Tech 10 boots use an internal hydrophobic mesh lining and drainage grommets to keep the interior dry. The incorporation of breathable ventilation ports also aids airflow.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

Designed for casual and commuter riding, the Tech 3 boots offer versatile water resistance. The uppers are constructed from full-grain leather with synthetic fabric panels. Using Alpinestars’ Drystar® waterproof membrane, these boots keep feet dry without overheating. Reflective inserts provide improved nighttime visibility for commuting.

Alpinestars SMX Plus Boots

The Supermoto SMX Plus boots deliver boosted protection for aggressive supermoto riding and racing. They boast anatomically contoured TPU protection zones and a biomechanical pivot system for excellent feel and mobility. For waterproofing, the SMX Plus boots are equipped with a hydrophobic micro-fiber lining that retains zero moisture when riding through wet conditions. Vented panels channel airflow throughout.

Alpinestars Toucan Boots

Designed for adventure and touring riders, the Toucan boots offer full weather protection. Using a Drystar® membrane and water-repellent suede leather uppers, this boot is 100% waterproof. The boot also features an injected TPU shin guard, dual-compound sole, and wide calf opening for easy ingress/egress. These are the ideal boots for all-weather adventure rides.

Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar Boots

Another Alpinestars touring boot, the Andes v2 Drystar offers guaranteed dryness. The oiled full-grain leather upper features an internal Drystar® membrane laminate. Alpinestars’ Climate Control System circulates air through ports and channels to prevent overheating and moisture build-up. The sole is composed of grippy lugged rubber for traction.

Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof Boots

If you prefer the look of casual riding shoes but need waterproofing, the Ridge Drystar shoes are an excellent option. They have the appearance of regular sneakers but the performance of full boots thanks to a Drystar® membrane liner. The upper combines durable microfiber and suede. These shoes strike the perfect balance between a dry inner climate and airflow.

Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots

Alpinestars teamed up with acclaimed snowboard boot manufacturer BOA to create the Web Gore-Tex race boots. They utilize a micro-adjustable BOA fit system and a Gore-Tex waterproof lining. The uppers are built from Alpinestars’ lightweight, advanced Microfabric. With an external TPU shell and shock-absorbing midsole, these boots provide elite protection against the elements.

Identifying Fake Alpinestars Boots

When shopping for Alpinestars boots either new or used, it’s important to distinguish authentic boots from fake counterfeits. Some ways to identify fake Alpinestars boots include:

  • Poor quality materials and construction – Authentic Alpinestars boots use premium leather, fabrics, buckles, and soles. Fakes will be cheaply made.
  • Lack of Alpinestars branding – All Alpinestars boots should have prominent logo branding on the outer side, sole, buckles, or elsewhere.
  • Irregular sizing and proportions – Counterfeits will often have sizing that doesn’t match up with the boot dimensions.
  • Non-matching merchandise – The left and right boots may not match up in color shades or design details.
  • Cheap price – Authentic new Alpinestars boots range from $150 to over $600. Used boots still hold value. Super cheap pricing indicates fakes.

When uncertain, compare the suspect boots carefully to photos of verified models on the Alpinestars website or catalog. Avoid purchasing from sellers who can’t guarantee authenticity or provide original receipts. Paying a little more from reputable retailers will ensure you receive genuine Alpinestars boots.

Maintaining and Waterproofing Alpinestars Boots

So you’ve purchased high-quality Alpinestars boots equipped with waterproof membranes and liners. How can you properly care for them to maintain performance? Here are some tips:

  • Rinse boots to remove dirt after every ride. Use mild soap if needed. Avoid detergents with additives or harsh chemicals.
  • Remove insoles and allow boots to fully air dry before storing. Don’t dry near direct heat sources.
  • Check for cracks or damage to the upper after each use. Seal small nicks with waterproofing wax or boot sealant.
  • Replace buckles, straps, and velcro closures if they become worn or damaged. Use only authentic Alpinestars replacement parts.
  • Re-waterproof periodically by treating with wax-based sealants made specifically for leather and textile boots. Follow product instructions
  • For serious leaks, you may need to apply an internal waterproof sealant inside the boot lining. Completely disassemble boot before sealing.
  • Take boots to a professional cobbler annually for inspection and resoling if needed. Don’t repair yourself.

Properly caring for your Alpinestars boots will ensure they retain their waterproofing abilities season after season. Avoid excessive heat exposure and don’t use harsh cleaners or solvents that could break down the waterproof membranes. With regular TLC, your Alpinestars boots can handle even the wettest rides.

Trying on Alpinestars Boots

Since every foot is unique, testing the fit of Alpinestars boots yourself is important before purchasing. Here are some tips for trying on Alpinestars boots:

  • Wear appropriate socks – Always try boots on while wearing the socks you’ll ride in. Same thickness and material. This ensures an accurate fit.
  • Know your sizes – Have your foot length and width measured professionally before shopping. The boots fit very precisely.
  • Try on both – Always fit both your left and right foot, even if they are different sizes. Get the appropriate size for each.
  • Walk around – Stand, flex your ankles, and walk in the boots. Make sure no pressure points develop and the toe box has room.
  • Sit on a bike – Ideally, sit on your motorcycle with boots on and feet on the pegs to test riding ergonomics.
  • Lace tightly – Alpinestars boots should fit very snugly when laced up fully. No looseness or heel slippage.
  • Consider sock thickness – With thicker socks, you may need to increase by a half or full size. Only go down a half size at most.
  • Try on at the end of the day – Feet swell throughout the day. Trying boots on at the end of the day will ensure comfort.

With heat moldable liners, break-in time, and precise adjustments, Alpinestars boots should fit like a glove over time. Finding that ideal fit just takes a bit of trial and error.

Common Sizing/Fit Issues With Alpinestars Boots

Motorcycle boots must fit extremely precisely to provide adequate protection, grip, and comfort. Otherwise, you may experience these common sizing and fit issues with Alpinestars boots:

  • Too long – Excess room in the toe box allows feet to slide forward and bash toes while riding. Causes painful blisters.
  • Too short – Cramped toes rub and press against the front of the boot. Can damage nails and distort toes.
  • Too tight – Constricting fit over the instep and arches reduces circulation. The feet go numb after short distances.
  • Too loose – Heel slippage and looseness reduce control and allow abrasion. Boots also break in too much.
  • Too narrow – Uncomfortable tightness and pressure on the side of the foot. Can restrict blood flow.
  • Too wide – Feet slide from side to side, allowing boots to over-flex and deactivate protection.
  • Incorrect arches – Lack of arch support stresses feet. Custom orthotics can help fill space.
  • Pain at ankle bone – Poorly contoured collar can irritate and bruise ankles while riding.

Careful measurement and a perfect break-in period will eliminate these issues and earn you the perfect boot fit.

How Waterproof Are Alpinestars Boots?

We’ve now covered the technologies and features Alpinestars uses to make its boots waterproof and breathable. But in real-world conditions, how waterproof are they actually? Here’s an honest assessment:

  • Drystar® boots – Alpinestars’ proprietary Drystar membrane provides nearly 100% waterproofing in most conditions. Heavy rain and puddle submersion may lead to slight seepage over time.
  • Gore-Tex® boots – Similarly, Gore-Tex boots offer close to fully waterproof protection. However, seams and ventilation ports may allow water ingress after hours of exposure.
  • Water-resistant boots – Many Alpinestars boots use waxed or water-repellent leather. These resist light rain and splash, but become saturated after lengthy wet rides.
  • Ventilated boots – Models focused on ventilation exchange waterproofing for airflow. They’ll only keep feet dry for short wet stints.
  • Warranty – Alpinestars offers a 30-day manufacturing warranty on new boots. So manufacturing defects leading to leaks can be addressed.

While not 100% impervious to water in extreme conditions, Alpinestars boots with Drystar and Gore-Tex membranes consistently provide the most water protection and breathability of any motorcycle footwear. Just be aware of their limits during monsoon-like rides!

Alpinestars Boots Buying Guide

Now that you’re familiar with Alpinestars technology and sizing, here is a quick boot-buying guide when shopping for your ideal pair:

  • Type of riding – Determine if you need off-road, adventure, sportbike, or casual boots. This narrows options.
  • Weather protection – Seek Drystar® or Gore-Tex® boots if riding year-round through rain and snow.
  • Level of protection – Light hiking-style or heavy-duty motocross? The protection level depends on the aggressiveness of riding.
  • Comfort needs – Consider necessary ankle flex, cushioning, arch support, and adjustability to prevent pain and fatigue.
  • Intended use – How often will you wear them? Occasional short trips or daily commuting and touring? Durability varies.
  • Special conditions – Do you need steel toes for the workplace? Electrical hazard rating for job sites? Non-slip soles?
  • Budget – Prices range from $100 to $600. Set a spending limit but know the higher cost brings more technology.
  • Style matters – You’ll feel best riding in boots you find aesthetically pleasing. Luckily Alpinestars offers lots of cool styles.

By determining your must-have features and ideal style, and then reading reviews of specific models, you’ll discover the perfect Alpinestars boots to fit your needs.

Are Alpinestars Boots Worth the Price?

Alpinestars boots range from around $150 up to $650 for top racing models. Considering the advanced technology built into them, is the price justified?

Here are some factors that contribute to the higher cost of Alpinestars boots:

  • Cutting Edge Materials – Such as proprietary Drystar membranes, Microfabric uppers, innovative Boa lacing systems, and carbon fiber midsoles. These require extensive R&D.
  • Rigorous Testing/Safety Standards – Boots undergo extensive lab testing and real-world trials to meet safety certifications from DOT, CE, and more.
  • Elite Level Manufacturing – State-of-the-art injection molding, advanced lamination methods, and precision lasting result in superb construction.
  • Pro-Level Performance – Features like external TPU shin and calf plates, snap-in inner boots, torsion bars, and shift guards allow pros and expert riders to push limits.
  • Integrated Protection – Injection molded shells, dual-density foam layers, torsional control frames, and other built-in protection add expense.
  • Enhanced Comfort – Heat moldable linings, contoured collars, breathable membranes, and ergonomic soles provide day-long riding comfort but add cost.
  • Exclusive Technologies – Patented designs and proprietary materials like Drystar and Microfabric membrane are found exclusively on Alpinestars boots.
  • Brand Reputation/Heritage – 50 years as a leading brand in elite motorsports gives added brand value. You pay for the name and reputation.

While no boot purchase is cheap, Alpinestars boots deliver such high levels of technology, quality, and performance that the price is justified for most buyers. The value becomes apparent after logging thousands of trouble-free miles riding in dry and safe comfort.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are Alpinestars boots waterproof?

Yes, Alpinestars offers a range of boots that are designed to be waterproof, providing protection against rain and wet conditions.

2. Which Alpinestars boots are waterproof?

Alpinestars has a selection of waterproof boots across various categories, including touring, adventure, and sport riding. Look for models like the Alpinestars Patron GTX and Alpinestars Belize Drystar for waterproof options.

3. What technology does Alpinestars use for waterproofing?

Alpinestars employs their proprietary Drystar technology in some boots. This technology is designed to provide breathable waterproofing, keeping your feet dry while allowing moisture to escape.

4. How effective is the waterproofing in Alpinestars boots?

Alpinestars’ waterproofing technology is generally effective, keeping your feet dry in wet conditions. However, it’s important to follow care instructions and ensure proper maintenance to maintain the waterproofing performance.

5. Can I wear Alpinestars waterproof boots in heavy rain?

Yes, you can wear Alpinestars waterproof boots in heavy rain. They are designed to provide protection against moisture and rain, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

6. Are Alpinestars boots suitable for off-road activities?

Yes, Alpinestars offers waterproof boots suitable for various activities, including off-road riding. Look for adventure or off-road-specific models that feature waterproofing technology.

7. How do I maintain the waterproof feature of my Alpinestars boots?

To maintain the waterproof feature, it’s recommended to clean your boots regularly and follow the care instructions provided by Alpinestars. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the waterproofing materials.

8. Can I apply waterproofing treatment to my Alpinestars boots?

It’s best to consult Alpinestars’ official guidelines before attempting to reapply for waterproofing treatments. Some boots may already have a specialized treatment that could be compromised by additional products.

9. Are there any limitations to the waterproofing in Alpinestars boots?

While Alpinestars’ waterproof boots are designed to provide reliable protection against rain and wet conditions, extreme submersion or prolonged exposure to water may eventually compromise the waterproofing performance.

10. Are Alpinestars boots a good investment for rainy climates?

Yes, Alpinestars waterproof boots can be a good investment if you frequently ride in rainy climates. They are designed to enhance your comfort and safety by keeping your feet dry during wet weather.


Alpinestars offers some of the most technically advanced and rigorously tested motorcycle boots on the market. Their incorporation of proprietary waterproofing membranes like Drystar and Gore-Tex reliably keeps a rider’s feet dry without overheating. While no boot is 100% impervious, Alpinestars’ premium protection comes close under most riding conditions. For anyone who values safety and comfort as top priorities, Alpinestars represents the pinnacle of motorcycle boot design and manufacturing. So take your time to find the ideal model that fits your riding needs and budget. The right Alpinestars boots will provide many seasons of dry, enjoyable mileage ahead.

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