Are Casio watches worth buying?

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Casio has been a leading name in affordable, durable, and feature-packed watches for decades. From their early calculator watches to the iconic G-Shock line, Casio has built a reputation for delivering reliable timepieces at budget-friendly prices.

But are Casio watches really worth buying today? With so many watch brands on the market, how do Casio timepieces stack up against the competition?

We’ll examine the pros and cons of Casio watches to find out if they should have a place in your collection.

Are Casio Watches Worth Buying?

At the end of the day, are Casio watches worth buying? For most buyers, the answer is a resounding yes! What you get with a Casio timepiece is incredible affordability, durability, features, and reliability. The value offered by the brand is nearly impossible to beat.

While they don’t have the allure or craftsmanship of a fine luxury watch, Casio watches shine in categories like functionality, useful complications, and budget-friendly pricing. Owners who want an affordable, feature-packed, durable, maintenance-free, everyday timepiece will be very happy with Casio. Their watches are built to be worn and used heavily rather than tucked away in a safe as an investment.

Casio watches make great grab-and-go options you don’t have to stress over the damage. You can put them through their paces without worry. And if anything does happen to them after years of wear, the low prices make them easy to replace.

For children and teens, a Casio watch is an excellent introduction to the world of timekeeping. The low cost means you can buy them a watch of their own while teaching them responsible care. And when they inevitably grow tired of it in a year or two, no problem – just replace it with another affordable Casio.

Types of Casio Watches

To help you decide if a Casio watch sounds like a good fit, here is an overview of some of their most popular watch types and collections:

  • G-Shock – Casio’s flagship line of ultra-rugged digital sports watches famous for their shock resistance. Designed for intense activities, outdoor adventures, and athletes.
  • Pro Trek – Outdoor watches with useful sensors like altimeters, barometers, and compasses. Built ruggedly for adventures and exploration.
  • Edifice – Casio’s most elegant collection, featuring chronographs and other complications in sleek contemporary styling. A great affordable alternative to high-end fashion watches.
  • Classic – Entry-level Casio watches with timeless styling. Features durable resin bands and cases. Very budget-friendly options.
  • Baby-G – Casio’s brand of women’s watches. feminine versions of the iconic G-Shock styles. Sporty designs with color options.
  • Vintage – Fun throwback watches inspired by early Casio models. Great retro digital watch styles.
  • Smartwatches – Casio makes hybrid and full-touchscreen smartwatches with activity tracking, notifications, and more tech features.

As you can see, Casio has watches suitable for just about every buyer – children, teens, men, women, professionals, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, etc. They offer numerous styles at various prices.

Case for Casio Watches

Here are some of the main reasons why Casio watches can make a great purchase:


One of the biggest appeals of Casio is its very affordable price points. While high-end Swiss watches can cost thousands or tens of thousands, you can find a wide range of Casio watches priced between $10 and $200. For shoppers on a budget, Casio offers tremendous value. Even at low prices, they don’t feel cheap or like they’ll fall apart. Casio makes for very inexpensive yet still durable and reliable watches.


Speaking of durability, it’s another area where Casio excels. Many of their watches are designed to stand up to some serious abuse. The famously tough G-Shock line was the first to feature triple sensor protection against shocks, vibrations, centrifugal forces, etc.

But even non-G-Shock Casio watches feature durable resin bands and protective mineral glass faces. You can find models with respectable water resistance ratings around 50-100 meters too. For active lifestyles, Casio watches can take a beating and keep ticking.


Don’t let the budget prices fool you. Casio manages to cram a ton of features into many of their watches, things you would normally only expect in pricier timepieces. For example, options like multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, solar-powered batteries, GPS, ABC sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and more are common.

Casio was one of the pioneers of the digital watch revolution. Early on, they introduced useful complications like calculators, altimeters, thermometers, and more into their timepieces well before smartwatches were a thing. Even today, Casio watches offer feature-packed value.


While not known as a fashion brand, Casio has some stylish watches in its lineup too. Clean and contemporary designs, like those in the Edifice collection, look great on the wrist for work or play. More retro-inspired models offer fun throwback styling.

And of course, the rugged G-Shock watches have their own unique futuristic aesthetic that shoppers love. So while it may not be the most elegant, Casio does give buyers plenty of attractive style choices.


When you add up all the affordability, durability, features, and style, what you’re left with is an exceptionally reliable brand. Casio timepieces are meant to be worn and dependably used for years on end. Owners praise how they can trust a Casio watch to consistently perform and operate smoothly over time. Plus, they generally require little servicing or maintenance. For shoppers seeking worry-free reliability, Casio is hard to beat.

Case Against Casio Watches

On the other hand, Casio watches aren’t perfect. Here are some of the main drawbacks to consider:

Quartz Movements

Unlike luxury watchmakers, don’t expect mechanical movements in Casio timepieces. They rely on affordable and accurate quartz movements to power their watches. Some watch enthusiasts prefer the craftsmanship, winding, and smooth ticking of mechanical watches. Casio is strictly quartz-powered, so mechanical watch lovers won’t find what they want.

Basic Aesthetic

As mentioned earlier, Casio watches emphasize function over form. They undeniably have a basic, modest aesthetic versus high-end brands striving for elegance. For some buyers, the plainer styling of most Casio watches leaves something to be desired. They just don’t have that luxury cachet on the wrist that pricier Swiss and German watches do.

Limited Resale Value

You can expect most Casio watches to hold very little resale value over time. Because they are affordably priced when new, they depreciate quickly on the used market. They are meant to be worn and enjoyed until they eventually fail, not sold later for profit. So buyers wanting watches that hold value or can be resold likely won’t find what they want with Casio.

Popular Casio Watch Models

Looking for some specific Casio watch recommendations? Here are five of their most popular models that make great buys:

Casio G-Shock DW5600E – The originator of the G-Shock line. A classic rugged digital sports watch with 200m water resistance. Shock-absorbing case design. Under $50.

Casio Pro Trek PRW-60 – Outdoor ABC watch with altimeter, barometer, compass, and temperature readings. Tough solar-powered model with 100m water resistance. Around $150.

Casio Edifice EF539D – Sleek dual-dial chronograph from the Edifice line. 100m water-resistant stainless steel case and band. About $100.

Casio F-91W – Retro digital watch with vintage styling. Durable and very affordable (around $20). A timeless Casio classic.

Casio Baby-G BGD-560 – Cool illuminated dial G-Shock style watch for women. 100m water-resistant resin case. About $99.

Where to Buy Casio Watches

Thanks to their affordability and popularity, Casio watches are widely available both online and in-store:

Online: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Jomashop, etc.
Retail: Department stores, jewelry shops, outdoor stores, electronics retailers.
Casio Official Website: Order directly from Casio through their online shop.
Grey Market Discounts: Watch discounters often offer savings on Casio watches.

When buying Casio watches, authorized dealers are recommended since grey market and used watches typically won’t come with a factory warranty. But when buying brand new, you can shop with confidence from all major online and retail stores.

Just like with any product category, always compare prices from multiple sellers before purchasing. Sale events and promotions can allow you to snag particularly good deals on Casio watches.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why should I consider buying a Casio watch?

Casio watches are known for their durability, reliability, and affordability. They offer a wide range of styles and features to suit various preferences and needs, making them a great choice for both everyday wear and specific activities.

2. What types of Casio watches are available?

Casio offers a diverse range of watches, including digital, analog, and hybrid models. They also have specialized lines such as G-Shock, Pro Trek, and Edifice, designed for various purposes like outdoor activities, sports, and fashion.

3. Are Casio watches waterproof?

Many Casio watches are water-resistant and can withstand splashes, rain, and even diving. However, the level of water resistance varies between models, so it’s essential to check the specific watch’s specifications to ensure it meets your needs.

4. Do Casio watches have good battery life?

Casio watches are known for their long battery life, especially in their digital models. Some Casio watches use solar power or have extended battery life through innovative technologies like Tough Solar, which converts both sunlight and artificial light into energy.

5. Are Casio watches suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, Casio has a range of watches designed for outdoor enthusiasts. The G-Shock and Pro Trek lines, for example, offer rugged and feature-packed options for hikers, campers, and adventurers.

6. Can I find Casio watches suitable for formal occasions?

Casio offers a selection of dress watches with sleek and elegant designs, making them suitable for formal events and professional settings. Their Edifice line is particularly popular for this purpose.

7. Do Casio watches offer advanced features like smartwatches?

While Casio watches are not full-fledged smartwatches, some models have smart features like Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone integration, and notification alerts. They strike a balance between traditional watch functionality and modern tech.

8. Are Casio watches affordable?

Casio watches are generally considered affordable compared to many other watch brands, making them an excellent choice for those looking for quality without breaking the bank. Prices vary depending on the model and its features.

9. How do I maintain my Casio watch?

Casio watches are relatively low-maintenance. Regularly clean the watch and keep it away from extreme temperatures, strong magnetic fields, and chemicals. Battery replacements may be required periodically, but this depends on the model and usage.

10. Are Casio watches reliable timekeepers?

Yes, Casio is known for its precision and accuracy in timekeeping. They use high-quality quartz movements in their watches, ensuring reliable and consistent timekeeping.


Casio watches are undoubtedly worth buying for a multitude of reasons. Their reputation for durability, reliability, and affordability has made them a trusted choice for watch enthusiasts and everyday wearers alike. Whether you’re seeking a timepiece for outdoor adventures, formal occasions, or everyday use, Casio offers a diverse range of options to cater to your needs.

With features like water resistance, extended battery life, and specialized lines for various activities, Casio watches provide exceptional value. While not full-fledged smartwatches, they do incorporate modern technology where needed, striking a balance between classic watch functionality and contemporary convenience.

Furthermore, Casio’s commitment to precision and accuracy in timekeeping ensures that you can rely on your watch to keep you on schedule. Their range of replacement bands also allows you to personalize your watch’s appearance to match your style.

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