What Are The Best Shoes To Wear With A Peloton?

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When it comes to maximizing your Peloton workout experience, selecting the right shoes is crucial. The right footwear not only enhances your cycling performance but also ensures comfort and safety during intense sessions. In this comprehensive guide,

What are the best shoes to wear with a Peloton?

we’ll explore the various factors to consider when choosing the best shoes to wear with your Peloton bike. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, finding the perfect pair of shoes will undoubtedly elevate your indoor cycling sessions.

Importance of Proper Footwear for Peloton Cycling

Cycling-specific shoes offer better power transfer and efficiency.
Proper shoe fit prevents discomfort, hotspots, and potential injuries.
Shoes designed for cycling provide optimal support and stability.

Types of Peloton-Compatible Shoes

Cycling-Specific Shoes

Features of cycling shoes: rigid sole, cleat compatibility, and snug fit.
Benefits of cycling shoes: improved pedaling efficiency and reduced foot fatigue.
Different types of cleat systems: SPD, Look, and Delta.

Indoor Cycling Shoes

Designed for indoor use, often with recessed cleats for easy walking.
Lightweight and breathable materials for extended comfort during workouts.

Universal Athletic Shoes

Regular athletic shoes with a flat sole for use with toe cages or pedal straps.
Suitable for casual riders or those new to Peloton.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Peloton Shoes

Shoe Fit and Sizing

Importance of proper sizing to prevent discomfort and injury.
Trying on shoes before purchase or following size guides.

Closure Systems:

Options: Velcro straps, laces, or boa dials.
Choosing a closure system based on convenience and personal preference.

Cleat Compatibility

Understanding different cleat types and their compatibility with Peloton pedals.
Aligning cleats properly to ensure efficient pedaling motion.

Breathability and Material

Opting for breathable materials to prevent overheating.
Moisture-wicking properties for sweat management.

Top Brands and Models for Peloton Shoes

Peloton Branded Shoes

Overview of official Peloton shoe offerings.

Features, benefits, and drawbacks of Peloton-branded shoes.

 Popular Cycling Shoe Brands

Review of well-known brands like Shimano, SIDI, and Giro.
Highlighting models suitable for Peloton cycling.
Maintaining and Extending Shoe Lifespan:

Proper care and cleaning of cycling shoes.
Replacing cleats when worn to maintain pedal efficiency.
Storing shoes in a cool, dry place to prevent deterioration.
User Tips and Recommendations:

Insights from experienced Peloton users on their preferred shoe choices.
Importance of gradual adaptation to new shoes for comfort and performance.

A Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need special shoes for my Peloton bike?

Using proper cycling shoes enhances your performance and comfort. They provide better power transfer, and stability, and prevent discomfort during intense workouts.

2. What are cycling-specific shoes?

Cycling-specific shoes are designed with a rigid sole and cleat compatibility for optimal power transfer and efficiency while cycling. They come in various styles, such as road and mountain bike shoes.

3. Can I use regular sneakers with my Peloton bike?

Yes, you can use regular sneakers with toe cages or pedal straps. However, cycling-specific shoes offer better performance and comfort, especially during intense workouts.

4. What are cleats, and why are they important?

Cleats are small attachments that clip into your pedal system, connecting your shoes to the bike. They improve pedaling efficiency by allowing you to apply force throughout the entire pedal stroke.

5. How do I choose the right shoe size for my Peloton workouts?

It’s essential to follow the sizing guide provided by the shoe manufacturer. Trying on shoes before purchasing is recommended, and remember that snug fit is crucial for optimal performance and comfort.

6. What closure system should I choose for my cycling shoes?

Closure systems include Velcro straps, laces, and boa dials. Choose the one that offers a secure fit and is easy for you to adjust while riding.

7. Are Peloton-branded shoes the best option?

Peloton-branded shoes are an option, but there are many other reputable brands like Shimano, SIDI, and Giro that offer high-quality cycling shoes suitable for Peloton workouts.

8. Can I walk in cycling shoes with cleats?

Cycling shoes with recessed cleats or rubberized soles are designed for walking short distances. However, it’s generally more comfortable to change into regular shoes for extended walking.

9. How do I maintain and clean my cycling shoes?

Regularly wipe down your shoes with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid soaking them in water. Ensure they’re dry before storing them in a cool, dry place.

10. When should I replace my cleats?

Replace your cleats if they’re worn down or if you notice reduced engagement with the pedals. Worn cleats can affect your pedaling efficiency and safety.

11. Can I use my Peloton shoes for outdoor cycling?

Peloton shoes are designed primarily for indoor use. If you plan to cycle outdoors, you may prefer shoes with more versatile features like recessed cleats.

12. How long does a pair of cycling shoes typically last?

The lifespan of cycling shoes varies depending on usage and care. On average, they can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years with regular use.

13. Can I share my Peloton bike with family members who have different shoe sizes?

If multiple users have significantly different shoe sizes, it’s more practical to invest in a set of universal athletic shoes with flat soles that can accommodate various sizes.

14. Are there any specific shoe recommendations for beginners?

Beginners can start with either Peloton-branded shoes or entry-level cycling shoes from reputable brands. Look for comfort, fit, and compatibility with your Peloton bike.

15. How do I know if my cleats are properly aligned?

Proper cleat alignment ensures efficient pedaling and prevents discomfort. Consult your cycling shoe’s manual or a professional bike fitting service to ensure correct cleat positioning.

Remember, the right choice of shoes can greatly impact your Peloton experience, so take the time to research, try on different options, and select the pair that suits your needs and preferences.


Selecting the best shoes for your Peloton workouts can significantly enhance your cycling experience, allowing you to pedal efficiently, comfortably, and safely. Whether you’re seeking cycling-specific shoes for optimized performance or more versatile options for casual rides, making an informed decision will undoubtedly lead to more enjoyable and effective indoor cycling sessions. Remember, the right pair of shoes is an investment in your Peloton journey’s success.


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