What is the best brand of motorcycle boots?

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Riding a motorcycle can be an extremely thrilling experience. Feeling the wind in your face and the vibration of the engine as you cruise down the open road is unmatched. However, to fully enjoy the ride and stay safe, having the proper riding gear is essential. One of the most important gear for any motorcyclist is riding boots. Having a good quality pair of motorcycle boots can help protect your feet, ankles, and lower legs in the event of an accident. They also provide essential grip, support, and comfort during rides.

When shopping for motorcycle boots, you’ll find there are many factors to consider from materials and construction to key features and price. With so many brands and styles available today, it can be tricky finding the right pair.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the top brands of motorcycle boots and key factors to help you select the best option to meet your riding needs.

Top Motorcycle Boot Brands

Several companies have become well-known and trusted for manufacturing high-quality motorcycle boots. Here are some of the top brands to consider:


Alpinestars is one of the most reputable names in motorcycle gear. Founded in Italy in 1963, they have continually pushed forward innovation in technology, design, and safety. Alpinestars offers a wide selection of performance riding boots built for various types of motorcycles and riding disciplines. Some of their most popular boots include the Supertech R and the SMX Plus. Key features of Alpinestars boots include replaceable shin, toe, and heel sections as well as injected TPU protectors for added impact absorption. Their boots also utilize compound rubber outsoles for excellent grip and control.


Another Italian company, SIDI has been crafting premium motorcycle boots since 1960. Pro riders worldwide depend on SIDI for performance and protection. Their boots offer anatomically shaped design, reinforced construction, and proprietary air ventilation systems to keep feet cool and dry. The SIDI On Road Gore-Tex boots are waterproof and breathable while the SIDI Canyon Gore-Tex boots are built for adventure and off-road riding. SIDI uses innovative technologies like their patented Vertebra System that provides flex zones for comfortable walking.


TCX is an Italian brand solely focused on manufacturing motorcycle riding boots, clothing, and accessories. They offer boots tailored for street riding, racing, motocross, enduro, and urban commuting. TCX prides itself on using premium Italian leather along with advanced safety features. The TCX Street Ace Air boots incorporate a flexible ankle guard and TPU shift pad. For off-road adventures, the TCX Explorer Gore-Tex boots have a waterproof membrane and oil-resistant sole. TCX is known for exceptional comfort and durability.


Specializing in protective gear for motorcycling and other action sports, Dainese was founded in Italy in 1972. Their boots are designed to provide maximum safety and performance. With innovative technologies like their Shock Absorber heel system and anatomic foot support, Dainese boots offer comfort for long-distance touring. Other key features include anti-shock tempered steel plates to protect against impacts and aggressive non-slip rubber soles. Popular styles include the Axial Pro In and Torque Out boots.


Based in the US, Icon offers a full range of motorcycling apparel and gear. Icon combines high-quality materials with urban styling to create modern boots suited for the streets. Their most popular boots include the 1000 Elsinore and the Raiden. Icon uses premium leather and abrasion-resistant fabrics. Their boots feature injection molded thermoplastic toe boxes and reinforced ankles for protection. Durable rubber outsoles provide grip when shifting and braking. Icon’s boots come in a range of colorways to match your bike and style.


Known for high-value motorcycle gear, Tourmaster creates functional boots designed to handle various types of riding. They incorporate flexible panels and stretch materials for ease of movement. Many of their boots include convenient side zippers and reinforced toe boxes for added protection. For colder weather riding, the Tourmaster Transition Series 4 boots have a water-resistant upper and insulation. And for hot weather adventures, the Switch WP Air boots have mesh panels and air vents to keep feet cool and dry. Tourmaster offers options for both men and women.

TCX X-Street Waterproof

For a high-quality waterproof street riding boot, the TCX X-Street Waterproof boots are an excellent choice. They have a durable water-resistant leather upper along with a waterproof and breathable inner membrane to keep feet dry. The ankle incorporates reinforced polymer protections. For comfort, a polymer shank provides torsional stability and shock absorption. The ergonomic sole is made of anti-slip rubber with a reinforced toe and heel. There is also an anti-bacterial replaceable footbed. These boots come in classic black as well as brown.

SIDI Cobra Gore-Tex

Built for sport riding, the SIDI Cobra Gore-Tex boots provide protection without compromising performance. They use premium full-grain leather with an integrated Gore-Tex membrane for guaranteed waterproofing. The Cobra boots have rigid nylon shin guards backed by shock-absorbing PU foam. Ankle support and flex are provided by two patented SIDI systems – the long Cal Insole for Achilles tendon protection and the Cambrelle lining that secures the ankle while still allowing movement. Non-slip rubber soles give optimal grip on the pegs. These boots come in either black and white or black and red color options.

Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Boots

A top choice for street riding, the Alpinestars SMX-1R Vented Boots offer supreme ventilation to keep feet cool in warm weather. They feature a full-grain leather upper with poly-fabric panels and perforated sections to allow airflow. The boot incorporates Alpinestars’ innovative Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) sliding heel brake system for enhanced protection and abrasion resistance in the event of a crash. The TPR toe slider also aids in slide control. Additionally, it has a padded TPU shin guard, TPU heel counter, and dual-density ankle protector for security. The contoured, replaceable footbed provides arch support. These boots come in black, white, or neon color options.

Dainese Axial Pro In Boots

For riders looking for lightweight performance riding boots, the Dainese Axial Pro In boots are a sleek option. They have a microfiber upper backed with polymer inserts on the heel counter and shifter area for protection. The boot flexes naturally with the ankle thanks to an elastic insert on the Achilles tendon guard. Dainese incorporates their patented Shock Absorber heel system which compresses and absorbs impact in the event of a crash. They also utilize a non-slip rubber sole and an external TPU toe slider. The Axial Pro In boots feature a zipper closure, velcro tab, and micrometric closure for adjustability and easy on/off.

Icon 1000 Elsinore Boots

With durable leather construction and iconic styling, the Icon 1000 Elsinore Boots are built to be an everyday street rider favorite. They feature a full-grain leather upper, injected thermoplastic toe box, molded orthotic injected high-density rubber sole, and anti-microbial moisture-wicking lining. The HexaDrive sole provides maximum grip and stability when shifting and braking on your pegs. Flex panels allow for natural ankle articulation while reinforced sections offer impact absorption. The shaft incorporates an adjustable hook-and-loop strap for a secure fit. Choose from black or brown options to pair with your favorite jeans and leather jacket.

Tourmaster Solution WP Boots

The Tourmaster Solution WP Boots deliver waterproof protection for all-day comfort. A full-grain leather upper is paired with a waterproof membrane to keep feet dry in wet conditions. For comfort, these boots include a cushioned interior, molded shin guard, and shock-absorbing Phylon midsole. The oil- and slip-resistant rubber sole provides traction and grip. They also have a reflective strip on the heel for visibility. The Solution WP Boots feature a side zipper for easy on and off as well as a secure velcro closure. With a classic black design, they make an ideal choice for touring or daily commutes.

Key Features To Look For

When shopping for motorcycle boots, there are a few key features to keep in mind based on how you plan to use them. Consider:

  • Waterproofing – Waterproof boots with sealed membranes are ideal if you ride in wet conditions often. They’ll keep your feet dry and prevent moisture from seeping in.
  • Impact protection – Reinforced toe boxes, heel counters, shin guards, and ankle support provide critical impact absorption in the event of a crash. Injection molded plates and padding help disperse pressure and prevent injury.
  • Traction – Oil-resistant, non-slip rubber soles give you traction when braking and stability when shifting on the pegs. Soles with deep lugs also allow you to still walk comfortably off the bike.
  • Flexibility – Flex panels in the upper and ankle allow natural movement so your boots don’t feel rigid and uncomfortable when walking. Pivot points near the ankle also help with mobility.
  • Ventilation – Breathable panels, perforations, and air vents allow airflow to keep your feet cooler when riding in hot weather. However, waterproof boots won’t be as ventilated.
  • Closures – Side zippers, buckles, straps/velcro, and lace-up designs all make it easier to get your boots on and off. Secure closures also ensure a tight fit.

Considering Fit, Comfort & Riding Style

Besides looking at specific features, it’s important to consider fit, overall comfort, and your riding style when selecting motorcycle boots. Keep the following in mind:

  • Fit – Your boots should fit snugly with your toes lightly touching the front when standing fully upright. There should be no pinching or pressure points that could cause pain. The boot should align properly along your foot and ankle as you flex and move.
  • Comfort – Try boots on with the socks you’ll wear to ride to gauge comfort. Look for cushioned footbeds and shanks to provide arch support. Ankle flex zones should move naturally with your foot as you walk. Consider heat and ventilation based on the climate you ride in as well.
  • Riding style – Certain boots are designed specifically for certain types of riding. Racing boots have the most protection and performance features but limited walking comfort. Adventure and off-road boots have deep lugs and traction for dirt, whereas street/touring boots have sleeker soles. Choose boots tailored to your needs.

Getting Properly Measured

Like regular shoes, motorcycle boot sizing can vary quite a bit across brands and styles. It’s important to measure your feet and understand manufacturers’ size charts rather than relying on your typical shoe size alone.

Here are some tips for measuring feet correctly for motorcycle boots:

  • Use a Brannock device or printable measuring tool to get accurate length and width measurements of each foot while standing. Motorcycle boots should fit your larger foot.
  • For length, measure from the back heel to the tip of your longest toe in millimeters. Write down the exact length.
  • For width, measure the ball of your foot at its widest point. Note if you have a standard width, wide width, or narrow width.
  • Refer to brand size charts to find your corresponding size. Sizes may be shown in US, EU, UK, or CM sizings so pay close attention to the units.
  • Try boots on at the end of the day when your feet are slightly swollen to ensure a comfortable fit. Boots shouldn’t pinch your feet.
  • Consider aftermarket insoles or toe box extenders if you have bunions or hot spots with a particular pair.

With the proper fit and sizing, you’ll be able to comfortably wear your new boots both on and off the bike. Don’t hesitate to order a couple of sizes if you’re unsure since returning and exchanging pairs is quite common.

Matching Your Boots to Your Riding Gear

While certainly functional items, motorcycle boots are also part of your riding style and look. Matching your boots to the rest of your motorcycle gear can really pull your whole ensemble together for a sharp appearance. Here are some tips on coordinating your boots with your other riding apparel:

  • Match leather shades – Choose boots in the same color leather or material as your jacket for a streamlined monochromatic look. Black and brown leather pair well with denim too.
  • Complement bold jacket hues – Boots in neutral black or brown leather complement brighter-colored jackets nicely without becoming overwhelming.
  • Contrast materials – Leather boots offer visual contrast next to textile motorcycle pants or jackets. They help balance each other out.
  • Match colors – If your jacket, pants, gloves, etc utilize accent colors or logos, select boots highlighting that same color for a unified, cohesive style.
  • Pair with jeans – Casual leather boots look right at home next to relaxed-fit jeans on a cruiser. Maintain a consistent casual vibe.
  • Consider logos – Many brands use signature logos, so choosing boots and gear with the same logos creates a put-together look.

With some experimentation, you can assemble a motorcycle outfit that looks as great as it performs. Breaking in the right pair of boots to match is an essential first step.

Breaking In New Motorcycle Boots

New unworn motorcycle boots require a breaking-in period to loosen up the materials and have them properly mold to your feet. Stiff, tight boots can cause discomfort and hot spots if not broken in gradually. Here are some tips for breaking in motorcycle boots the right way:

  • Wear them for short periods at home – Don new boots for 30-60 minutes at home to gently start the break-in process before riding in them.
  • Use a boot stretcher – Boot stretchers apply gentle pressure to slowly stretch and widen tight boot areas to speed up the break-in.
  • Try thick socks – Wearing thick wool socks fills up the extra volume while breaking boots in to reduce pressure points.
  • Use leather conditioner – Applying leather conditioner softens and loosens the material to expedite forming to your feet.
  • Slowly increase wear – Start by wearing new boots for short rides, then increase to longer durations as they become more comfortable.
  • Allow boots to dry out – Rotate boots day-to-day and allow them to fully air out and dry between uses to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Re-tighten laces – As leather stretches, laces can loosen. Periodically re-tighten laces to maintain proper fit and support while breaking in.
  • Address problem spots – Use moleskin, gel pads, or toe box extenders to relieve any persistent rub spots as you break them in.

With consistent yet gradual wear, your new boots will properly conform and respond to your feet. Breaking in boots the right way ensures long-lasting comfort and protection.

Caring for Your Motorcycle Boots

Investing in a quality pair of motorcycle boots means you’ll want them to last season after season. With proper care and maintenance, motorcycle boots can provide years of performance riding after the initial break-in period. Here are some tips for caring for your boots:

  • Clean regularly – Use warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush to clean boots after dusty, muddy rides to prevent stains. Avoid harsh detergents.
  • Remove salt stains – Mix equal parts vinegar and water to gently remove salt stains after winter weather rides.
  • Apply leather conditioner – Use conditioner specifically formulated for motorcycle leathers to keep them supple without becoming overly saturated.
  • Remove insoles to dry – Take out any removable footbeds and padding to fully dry and air out boots between wearings.
  • Store properly – Fill boots with shoe trees or cardboard when storing them between seasons to hold their shape. Keep away from direct heat.
  • Inspect for cracks – Check over the leather carefully for any cracks forming and apply a leather filler as needed to prevent further damage.
  • Replace worn parts – Have worn laces, straps, buckles, and worn soles replaced to extend the life and safety of well-worn boots.
  • Consider resoling – Resoling worn-out boots with new soles is often cheaper than buying new ones and extends their lifespan.

With routine care and maintenance, a high-quality pair of motorcycle boots can last for years of continued safe riding.

When to Replace Your Motorcycle Boots

No matter how well you care for them, every motorcycle boot eventually wears out and needs to be replaced for safety. Here are some key signs it’s time to shop for a new pair of riding boots:

  • Damaged leather – Boots with cracked, peeling, or damaged leather in key areas can no longer provide adequate protection and abrasion resistance in the event of a crash.
  • Worn tread – Boots with smooth, bald soles have severely compromised traction. Lacking grip can be extremely hazardous when braking and shifting on a motorcycle.
  • Compressed armor – Protective inserts and armor that are packed down and compressed no longer absorb impact effectively.
  • Degraded waterproofing – Boots that are several seasons old likely have seams, membranes, and seals that are no longer fully waterproof.
  • Loose fit – Boots stretched out from years of wear will not offer the snug, secure fit needed to properly protect feet and ankles.
  • Visible inner lining – Inner lining visible through the outer leather means the leather is too thin and worn through in spots.
  • Inflexible – Very stiff, rigid boots that don’t flex naturally with your ankle restrict movement and are fatiguing to wear for long rides.

While expensive, replacing well-worn boots is always less costly than a serious foot or ankle injury. Prioritize safety when deciding to upgrade to new boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What should I consider when looking for the best brand of motorcycle boots?

A: When searching for the best motorcycle boots brand, factors such as safety features, durability, comfort, style, and price should be considered.

Q2: Are all motorcycle boots brands equally reliable in terms of safety?

A: No, not all brands offer the same level of safety. It’s important to look for brands that adhere to safety standards, provide reinforced protection, and have positive reviews from riders.

Q3: Which brand is known for producing the safest motorcycle boots?

A: Several brands are known for their focus on safety, including Alpinestars, Dainese, TCX, and SIDI. These brands often incorporate advanced protective features into their boot designs.

Q4: What materials are typically used in high-quality motorcycle boots?

A: Quality motorcycle boots are often made from leather, synthetic textiles, and advanced materials like Gore-Tex for waterproofing and reinforcement.

Q5: How do I know if motorcycle boots are comfortable for long rides?

A: Look for boots with cushioned insoles, proper ankle and arch support, and adjustable closures for a snug fit. Reading reviews from other riders can provide insights into comfort levels during long rides.

Q6: Can I use regular boots for riding a motorcycle?

A: It’s not recommended to use regular boots for motorcycle riding. Motorcycle boots are designed with specific safety features like reinforced toe and heel areas, ankle protection, and non-slip soles to enhance rider safety.

Q7: Do more expensive brands always mean better quality motorcycle boots?

A: While cost can often reflect quality, it’s not always the case. Research and read reviews to ensure that the brand you choose offers the right combination of safety, comfort, and durability for your needs.

Q8: How important is waterproofing in motorcycle boots?

A: Waterproofing can greatly enhance your comfort and safety, especially during wet weather conditions. Brands like Alpinestars and TCX offer boots with waterproofing features to keep your feet dry.

Q9: Can I find stylish motorcycle boots that also offer good protection?

A: Yes, many brands prioritize both style and protection. Look for brands like Icon, Rev’it!, and Forma that offer a range of designs without compromising safety.

Q10: Are there brands that cater specifically to certain types of riding, such as off-road or sport riding?

A: Yes, brands like Alpinestars and SIDI have specific lines for different types of riding, including off-road, touring, and sport riding. These boots are tailored to the unique demands of each riding style.


Motorcycle boots are essential gear for any rider, offering a combination of protection, comfort, and style. Designed to safeguard feet and ankles, these boots provide necessary support while enhancing the overall riding experience. Whether for daily commuting or adventurous journeys, investing in high-quality motorcycle boots ensures both safety and a sense of personal flair on the open road.

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